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In a recent development, former President Donald Trump has responded to questions about his controversial comments in the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape during a taped deposition for the E.

Jean Carroll civil case.

Trump’s comments shed light on his perspective regarding the infamous recording.

During the deposition, Trump expressed his viewpoint by stating, “I didn’t say what they let you hear.

Let me tell you, you know, it’s like it’s been a hellish job.” The former president further added, “I never said anything like you’re a famous person.

Don’t ask me about that tape.

That tape was done in a different way, okay? And you would look back, I’m sorry, a million years, inappropriate, inappropriate.”

Trump’s response indicates that he denies making the statements heard in the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape and suggests that the recording was edited or presented in a misleading manner.

The deposition provides insight into his thoughts and attempts to distance himself from the content of the tape.

The E.

Jean Carroll civil case against Donald Trump has garnered significant attention due to the allegations made by Carroll, who accused Trump of sexual assault.

This deposition marks an important development in the ongoing legal proceedings, offering a glimpse into Trump’s stance on the matter.

The former president’s response during the deposition will likely contribute to the ongoing public discourse surrounding his past controversies and the impact they have had on his reputation.

As the legal case continues, further insights into Trump’s perspective on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape may come to light.

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