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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused members of the opposition of resorting to “baseless personal attacks” on David Johnston.

Trudeau defended Johnston’s handling of a mandate and emphasized that he and his team meticulously reviewed thousands of documents and conducted interviews with various individuals involved in the matter.

Trudeau expressed his disappointment that certain opposition leaders were focusing on criticizing Johnston personally instead of engaging with the contents of the report, which pertained to national security issues and foreign interference.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of taking foreign interference seriously and noted that CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) had provided briefings to opposition leaders.

However, Trudeau criticized the leader of the Conservative Party and the Bloc Québécois for refusing to learn the facts and relying on the core intelligence that supported the conclusions of the former Governor General’s report.

This, in turn, allowed them to launch unfounded personal attacks without being hindered by the actual facts.

Trudeau expressed his disappointment with this type of leadership, emphasizing the need to address the issue of foreign interference from all perspectives.

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