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CBS2’s First Alert Weather: Tri-State Area Braces for Miserable Conditions

John Elliott has the latest First Alert forecast for the Tri-State Area on this Saturday morning.

The current weather situation in the area is windy, cold, and wet with rain and even some wet snowflakes falling in different parts of the city.

However, according to Elliott, the worst of it is expected to last for about two more hours before the weather conditions start improving by the afternoon.

Although yesterday’s temperatures were mostly in the low to mid 40s, it was still too warm for snow in most areas.

Today’s temperatures are not expected to be much cooler, hovering around 44 degrees, with some Spritz or sprinkle in the afternoon.

There is some good news though, as the weather system responsible for the current miserable conditions is expected to wrap up soon.

However, there’s another system coming in on Monday and Tuesday that could bring light rain in the morning and turn into snow in the afternoon, particularly in the Hudson Valley region.

Elliott cautioned that the track of this system will determine the amount of snow accumulation in the Hudson Valley, and there may be strong winds that could cause flooding in certain areas.

Meanwhile, after the storm clears out, the area is expected to enjoy some nice, warm weather.

Tuesday also happens to be Pi Day, which is a fun celebration of math and the ratio of the circumference of a circle over its diameter.

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