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Title: Tri-State Area Expects Pleasant Weekend Weather with a Chance of Showers Next Week

Date: May 6, 2023

John Elliott provided the First Alert Forecast for the Tri-State Area on CBS2 News This Morning.

The weather outlook for the weekend appears to be pleasant, with the sun shining brightly in the city and Manhattan offering a delightful view.

Currently, temperatures in the area range in the 50s, slightly warmer than yesterday.

Today, skies will be clear with a high of 70 degrees, making it a great day for outdoor activities.

However, tomorrow may bring some showers in the evening, so travelers should remain cautious.

Moving on to Monday, the weather is expected to be more dynamic.

The day will start with a shower but will gradually transition into brighter skies with a high temperature of 76 degrees.

However, Tuesday will bring another round of showers.

Fortunately, Wednesday and Thursday will be calm and quiet weather-wise.

In other news, the Agility part of a dog competition is celebrating its tenth anniversary, while obedience is marking its eighth anniversary.

Exciting videos and highlights of the competition will be shared in later shows.

Dock diving, a remarkable dog sport, was showcased, demonstrating the intelligence and skills of the participating canines.

As the weekend progresses, dog owners are encouraged to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a walk with their furry friends.

Sunday will be a quiet day for the dogs, while the competition intensifies on Monday and Tuesday.

The Best in Show event will conclude the competition on Tuesday night.

Enjoy the pleasant weather this weekend and make sure to spend quality time with your pets.

Stay tuned for further updates on CBS2 News.

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