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Trey Gowdy: Dianne Feinstein ‘not progressive enough’ for Democrats

In a recent appearance on “Fox News Tonight,” host Trey Gowdy criticized the Democratic Party for what he called “frailty, incompetence, and incoherence” in their leadership.

Gowdy specifically mentioned President Joe Biden and Senator John Fetterman, highlighting what he sees as their “obvious mental shortcomings.” According to Gowdy, these shortcomings are celebrated rather than questioned within the party.

However, Gowdy also drew attention to another Democratic figure, 89-year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein, who he believes is being used by some Democrats for personal gain.

Gowdy pointed out that Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is a staff member for Feinstein and has been seen assisting the ailing senator around the U.S.


Gowdy raised concerns about the motives behind Pelosi’s involvement with Feinstein, suggesting that it could be a form of elder abuse.

He noted that there were previous attempts to remove Feinstein from the Judiciary Committee, and that some Democrats wanted her gone since the 2018 elections.

Despite Feinstein’s zero rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and a 100% rating from NARAL, she was deemed “not progressive enough” by some within the party.

Gowdy further speculated on Pelosi’s conflicting motivations, suggesting that she may want to help Representative Adam Schiff by keeping Feinstein in office.

On the other hand, there are those who want Feinstein to step down so that California Governor Gavin Newsom can appoint someone else, potentially Barbara Lee, to the vacant seat.

When discussing Pelosi’s actions, Gowdy raised questions about whether she is genuinely helping Feinstein out of compassion or if there are political motivations involved.

He compared the situation to elder abuse and expressed his view that being in the United States Senate at an advanced age should be considered a comfortable retirement, rather than abuse.

While discussing these political maneuvers, Gowdy also engaged in light-hearted banter with the show’s host, Will Cain, about their hairstyles.

The conversation concluded with Gowdy expressing his anticipation for hosting the show in the following week.

In summary, Trey Gowdy criticized the Democratic Party’s leadership, highlighting the alleged mental shortcomings of Biden and Fetterman.

He also raised concerns about the treatment of Senator Dianne Feinstein, suggesting that Pelosi’s involvement may have questionable motives.

Gowdy’s remarks prompted a discussion about elder abuse and the motivations behind political decisions within the party.

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