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Residents of Southern California are still trapped after nearly 10 feet of snow fell in the area three weeks ago.

Fox News multimedia reporter Ashley Soriano showed the conditions in Lake Arrowhead, California, where homes and roads were buried under snow, leaving a slushy mess behind.

Snow can still be seen piled up three weeks since the snowstorm.

Some residents were trapped in their homes due to the heavy snow, including Pedro Info and her family, who were trapped inside their home for days.

The San Bernardino fire department received over 1800 calls for help, and agencies from as far south as San Diego helped to clear about 90% of the county’s roads.

However, some residents in remote parts of the mountains live on private roads that the county is not responsible for plowing, leaving them feeling forgotten.

California’s total snowfall is inches from a 30-year record, according to UC Berkeley.

The incident has prompted some residents to rethink their survival methods in case of another natural disaster.

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