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Tonight, residents of Delmare are discussing the potential relocation of train tracks and expressing their opinions on where they should be placed. Jasmine Ramirez attended a SANDAG community meeting to provide more information on the plans and the feedback received from residents.

SANDAG is currently considering different options and residents had the opportunity to draw their own suggested routes. The train tracks in Delmare have experienced closures due to erosion caused by the Bluffs. These tracks serve commuter and passenger trains, as well as freight transportation and military bases.

SANDAG is exploring moving the tracks inland, but the main question is where they will be relocated. No final decision has been made yet, and SANDAG is considering various alternatives, such as tunneling under Delmare. However, not everyone is pleased with this plan.

Tunneling onto Camino dma might disrupt business and result in revenue loss, potentially causing inconvenience for the city. SANDAG presented several plans, including a tunnel (purple line), a bridge (yellow line), and graded areas (red lines).

Different routes were shown, such as the Camino Delmare route, Crest Canyon above and below, and the I5 route, which attracted significant attention. Attendees of the meeting provided their input and drew their desired routes. Public involvement is crucial as the community is concerned about the potential impact of the project on their neighborhood. Public outreach will continue until November, followed by evaluation from an engineering team and more public review in the spring. Construction is not expected to begin until 2028..

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