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Family of Jordan Neely Denounces Chokehold Death as ‘Injustice’

In a tragic incident that has sparked outrage and raised concerns about police conduct, Jordan Neely, a subway performer, was choked to death on an uptown F train.

Eyewitness News has spoken to Neely’s family members who are devastated by his untimely demise and are demanding justice for their loved one.

The incident, which occurred on Monday afternoon, involved Neely, who was homeless and had a history of mental illness, allegedly harassing subway passengers.

The details surrounding the events leading up to his death are still being investigated by authorities.

Mayor Adams has urged the public to await the completion of the criminal justice system’s investigation before making judgments about the culpability of the individual responsible for the fatal chokehold.

However, this call for patience has not deterred protesters from gathering at Washington Square Park in Lower Manhattan, where they are demanding that criminal charges be filed against the perpetrator.

MTA Chairman, in response to the incident, emphasized the need for de-escalation in the tight space of subway environments.

Acknowledging the complexity of the situation, he expressed his intention to let the legal process unfold.

A video capturing the tragic incident, which has gone viral, has stirred strong emotions among viewers.

Neely’s godfather, who watched the footage for the first time, expressed his dismay, stating that regardless of Neely’s behavior, the chokehold was unjustifiable and felt wrong to him.

Neely’s father, too overwhelmed with grief, was unable to provide a statement at this time.

The family as a whole is grappling with the sudden loss of their loved one and the distressing circumstances surrounding his death.

Eyewitness News has learned that a grand jury is expected to convene next week to consider the evidence and evaluate potential charges against the 24-year-old suspect, a former Marine.

It has come to light that chokeholds were included in the Corps’ martial program in 2001, with the technique being taught to recruits.

The military training manual from 2020 details how chokeholds can render someone unconscious in a matter of seconds.

The community has expressed concerns over the suspect’s training and his ability to employ deadly force effectively.

The incident prompted several 911 calls, leaving many questioning the evaluation process and factors that triggered the suspect’s actions.

As tensions rise, the suspect has retained legal representation.

Meanwhile, a protest is set to commence at 6:00 p.m.

in Washington Square Park, where demonstrators will voice their demands for justice in the wake of Neely’s tragic death.

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