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In a tragic incident at the Allen Premium Outlets in Texas, a survivor of the shooting, Irvin Walker, recalls the heroic actions of a security guard who came to his aid moments before getting gunned down himself.

Walker had just dropped off his girlfriend at a store when he was shot in the chest.

Despite the chaos and confusion, a security guard rushed to help him, witnessing the horrifying moment when the guard was also shot.

Walker underwent surgery at Medical City McKinney and miraculously survived the shooting, although the traumatic experience will likely stay with him for a long time.

His attorney, Daryl Washington, describes the terrifying ordeal as a senseless act of violence directed at Walker, who had no idea why he was being targeted.

Walker’s family and lawyer express their gratitude for the security guard who bravely checked on him and tried to help despite the danger.

During a media briefing, the Allen Police Chief commended the actions of the security guard, Christian Liqueur, who evacuated one person to safety before being shot while courageously aiding others.

Walker’s girlfriend was in lockdown inside a store during the shooting and made multiple unsuccessful attempts to reach him.

Although Walker underwent a successful surgery, bullet fragments still remain in his body, reminding him of the power and devastation caused by a single shot.

Walker’s adult daughter flew in from Georgia to be by her father’s side and is overwhelmed by the situation, as her father, who was once their protector, now requires their care and protection.

Walker is scheduled to undergo additional surgery in the coming week, and the investigation is focusing on the number of security guards on duty at the outlet malls during the incident.

Walker’s vehicle, which likely sustained multiple bullet holes, remains inaccessible to the authorities at this time.

The community mourns the loss of the security guard who selflessly put himself in harm’s way to assist others during the tragic shooting.

The incident serves as a reminder of the bravery and dedication exhibited by security personnel in the face of danger.

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