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One Person Dead in Possible Road-Rage Shooting in Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey, California – In a tragic incident that occurred on Monday afternoon, one person has been confirmed dead following a shooting at a busy intersection.

The incident took place near a boulevard close to the 90 Freeway in Marina Del Rey around 12:15 PM, according to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Law enforcement detectives suspect that the deadly shooting may have been a result of a road rage incident.

The Central Fire Department arrived at the scene promptly and attempted life-saving measures, but unfortunately, the male victim could not be saved.

Witnesses reported that the suspect vehicle, described as a dark Kia, was last seen heading northbound from the location.

Detectives believe that both the shooter and the victim were outside their vehicles when the confrontation occurred.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing an argument escalate before shots were fired.

The exact sequence of events is currently under investigation, and detectives are interviewing witnesses to gather more information.

The incident took place on Lincoln Boulevard, where both the suspect and the victim’s vehicles were traveling northbound before coming to a stop in traffic just south of the 90 Freeway.

Detectives are examining multiple security videos from the area, hoping to uncover crucial details about what transpired before, during, and after the shooting.

The shocking incident has left residents in the area on edge, as they express concern over the escalation of violence stemming from a traffic dispute.

Authorities are urging anyone with dash cam footage or who may have witnessed the incident to come forward and provide information to aid in the investigation.

The LAPD is working diligently to solve this case and bring justice to the victim and their family.

Updates will be provided as more details emerge from the ongoing investigation.

Note: The information in this news article is based on preliminary reports and may be subject to change as the investigation progresses.

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