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Man Dead in North Columbus Domestic Shooting

A tragic incident unfolded last night in North Columbus, resulting in the death of a man and leaving a 50-year-old woman fighting for her life.

According to the Columbus Police, the woman was shot during a domestic violence incident that occurred around 10:30 p.m.

The assailant, identified as a man, then turned the gun on himself.

The shooting took place on the 4800 block of Glendon Road.

Upon arriving at the scene, authorities discovered both the man and the woman with gunshot wounds.

The woman was immediately rushed to the hospital in critical condition, while the man was pronounced dead.

The Columbus Police are actively investigating the incident to gather more details about the tragic events.

This unfortunate incident sheds light on the increasing prevalence of domestic violence cases in Columbus.

Domestic violence advocates, who spoke with NBC4’s Anna Hoffman, expressed their concern over the rising trend of such incidents.

They emphasize the importance of recognizing and labeling these crimes for what they truly are, highlighting the need for greater awareness and action.

Columbus has already witnessed 12 domestic violence-related homicides this year alone, indicating the severity of the issue.

With an alarming increase in these incidents year after year, it is crucial to address the root causes and provide support to those affected by domestic violence.

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