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In a murder trial at Malibu Creek State Park, emotional opening statements were heard as Anthony Rauda, a 46-year-old homeless man, faced charges for the killing of Tristan Beaudette in 2018.

Beaudette was camping with his family when he was shot and killed, leaving his daughters kneeling beside him in tears.

Rauda has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, as well as 15 other counts of attempted murder.

The prosecution presented physical and digital evidence linking Rauda to the crimes, including records showing his phone’s presence at the park during the incidents.

However, the defense argued that Rauda’s phone was merely connected to the park’s Wi-Fi on most days and questioned the strength of the evidence against him.

Throughout the trial, witnesses were questioned, including Beaudette’s brother-in-law, who was present during the camping trip and was the first to call for help upon hearing gunshots and the distressing cries.

Rauda has chosen not to be present during his own trial.

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