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In the early hours of Tuesday morning, a fatal motorcycle crash occurred in Minneapolis at the intersection of Hiawatha Avenue and East 26th Street.

The crash resulted in the closure of access to Highway 55 for several hours overnight.

The incident took place in the Phillips neighborhood, and the road was reopened within the last two hours.

Local news outlet CC Gates was present at the scene since morning and provided updates on the situation.

By 6:00 AM, the section of Hiawatha Avenue affected by the crash had returned to normal, with traffic flowing smoothly.

However, earlier in the morning, the scene was described as chaotic and messy.

CC Gates reported that their crew was one of the first to arrive at the scene, capturing images of the motorcycle involved in the crash.

The motorcycle sustained significant damage, leaving debris scattered across the street.

Glass fragments and various parts of the motorcycle were also strewn about.

Belongings belonging to the rider were found scattered on the road as well.

Minneapolis Police Department officers were present and had cordoned off a large portion of the intersection, preventing traffic from passing through.

While the road has since reopened, updates from MPD are expected in the next few hours to provide more details about the incident.

As further information becomes available, CC Gates and local news channels will provide updates to keep the public informed about the crash and its circumstances.

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