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Three individuals who played an integral role in the Florida Strawberry Festival have tragically lost their lives.

Randy and Jill Scott, along with Jill’s sister Judy, were involved in a fatal crash in Parrish on Monday.

The community is now coming together to support their grieving family.

Randy and Jill Scott, along with Judy Cook, were well-known figures in the Strawberry Festival community.

Their contributions to the festival were deeply cherished, and their sudden absence has left a significant void.

The pastor of their church expressed the devastating impact of their loss, stating that it was every pastor’s nightmare to go through such a tragedy.

Randy Scott, in particular, held a prominent role in the Strawberry Festival for decades, serving as the voice behind various announcements and performances.

He was known for singing the national anthem at the festival’s opening and bidding farewell with “Happy Trails” at closing time.

Despite their significant involvement, Randy, Jill, and Judy never sought the limelight, preferring to work diligently behind the scenes.

According to the president of the Strawberry Festival, the trio played vital roles from sunrise to sundown, ensuring the smooth operation of the event.

Within Grace Way Church, they held special positions, often working at the sound booth during services.

However, on the Sunday prior to the accident, Randy took a break to worship alongside his wife and sister-in-law, marking a special day that would unexpectedly become their last.

The loss of Randy, Jill, and Judy will be deeply felt within the church community.

They were greatly loved and appreciated, and their pastor expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be their spiritual leader.

Plans are being made to pay tribute to them during the upcoming Sunday service.

The investigation into the crash is still ongoing, and further details surrounding the incident have not been released.

The community continues to mourn the loss of these beloved members and offers support to their families and friends during this difficult time.

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