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LGBTIQ+ Leader Dies After Being the Victim of an Attack

In the municipality of Carmen de Bolivar, Bolivar, the LGBTIQ+ leader and activist Dania Sharit Polo passed away after spending 12 days in a hospital in Sincelejo.

She was shot by a man who entered her home.

The social leader and LGBTIQ+ activist Dania Polo was shot on April 30th by a man who broke into her home in the municipality of El Carmen de Bolivar.

Twelve days later, she succumbed to her injuries at a hospital in Sincelejo.

Dania Polo was part of the LGBTIQ+ committee in El Carmen de Bolivar, which was recognized two years ago as a subject of collective reparation by the Victims Unit.

She also presented her report to the Truth Commission.

Affectionately known as “Pola,” the leader had previously reported intimidations from illegal armed groups.

This femicide is the responsibility of the State, as a previous early warning issued by the Ombudsman’s Office during Christmas last year had warned about the grave risks faced by transgender leaders in the Montes de Maria region.

The Ombudsman’s Office has called for actions to ensure there is no impunity in this crime.

We demand a swift investigation with a gender perspective and greater guarantees of protection and justice for individuals with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity.

Authorities have held a Security Council meeting in response to Dania’s death and the threats received by the LGBTI community.

We have offered rewards for information that could help solve this person’s murder.

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