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French Journalist Killed in Missile Attack in Ukraine

Amid escalating tensions in the Ukraine-Russia war, the global community is gripped with fear and anxiety.

The conflict in Ukrainian territory remains at the forefront of world concerns.

Tragically, a French journalist affiliated with the Agence France-Press news agency has lost his life in a Russian rocket attack near the Ukrainian town of Barmouth.

Armin Sultan, a 32-year-old journalist, fell victim to the missile strike on Monday while staying in the area.

Sultan was located in the town of Chestervyar, approximately 10 kilometers away from the intense fighting in the city of Palmetto.

Several other journalists were present during the attack but fortunately escaped unharmed.

The loss of Armin Sultan has deeply shaken the entire organization of AFP.

Fabris Fry, the president of AFP, expressed his devastation over the tragic incident.

Sultan’s untimely death serves as a grim reminder of the perils and hazards faced by journalists reporting on the conflict in Ukraine on a daily basis.

French President Emmanuel Macron also issued a statement regarding this somber situation.

Macron paid tribute to Sultan’s important work in Ukraine and conveyed his condolences to the journalist’s loved ones and colleagues.

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