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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

am Darisha Heron reporting from the studio tonight with a tragic update to a story we previously covered. Last month, there was an accidental flash fire at an Austin High School orchestra event that unfortunately turned deadly. The fire occurred during the orchestra’s monster concert in carnival due to a gas tank being too close to a grill. Three individuals, including Sam Herrera, sustained injuries, with Herrera having burns on 60% of his body.

Regrettably, Herrera passed away today from his injuries. Joy Lob, the president of the orchestra’s booster program, shared that Sam was the husband of Orchestra director Anna Sol Herrera. For the past 20 years, Sam had been actively involved in the program, ensuring its success and supporting Anna.

On the day of the incident, he was there, as always, making sure everything ran smoothly, including the food preparations. Sam had a passion for barbecuing and enjoyed cooking and serving food during the monster concert, which was likely his favorite orchestra event. Lob also expressed how Sam was kind-hearted and consistently ensured that the students had everything they needed, from uniforms to instruments. Sam was held in such high regard that when news spread about the tragedy, a fundraiser for the victims quickly surpassed $100,000.

Currently, they are close to meeting their goal of raising $125,000. The school is now devising a plan to honor Sam, and we will update you with the details as they become available. I’m Brian Quita, and this has been the latest update in the tragic incident at the Austin High School orchestra event..

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