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Investigation Launched Following Death of 5-Month-Old Baby, Atlanta Police Department Reports

Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta Police Department (APD) has initiated an investigation after a tragic incident resulted in the death of a 5-month-old baby on Sunday.

Authorities have not yet classified the baby’s demise as a homicide, but the investigation is ongoing.

According to an update from the Atlanta Police, emergency services were called when the infant was discovered unresponsive.

Subsequently, the baby was rushed to the hospital, where, unfortunately, they could not be revived.

The incident occurred on Johnson Rd.

in northwest Atlanta.

Law enforcement officials arrived at the scene and confirmed that the infant was unresponsive upon their arrival.

Regrettably, despite the efforts made by medical professionals, the child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are currently under investigation, but the APD has clarified that they are not treating it as a homicide.

To shed light on the cause and manner of the baby’s passing, police have stated that an autopsy will be conducted.

This examination will provide crucial insights into the circumstances leading up to the tragic event.

As the investigation unfolds, the APD is diligently working to gather all available evidence and information.

Further updates will be provided as more details emerge.

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