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Four people have tragically lost their lives in a violent car crash that occurred early this morning near the intersection of 60th and Fond Du Lac.

The devastating accident unfolded during the overnight hours and left a scene of destruction in its wake.

Debris from the collision was strewn across the Milwaukee intersection, including clothing, shoes, and car parts.

The severity of the crash is evident as even a headlight from one of the vehicles was found at the scene.

According to the Milwaukee Police, the incident involved two cars and took place shortly before midnight.

A car traveling north on 60th Street collided with another vehicle traveling on West Fond Du Lac Ave.

The car on 60th Street was being driven by a 32-year-old female, and it crashed into a car carrying six individuals.

Tragically, multiple occupants were ejected from the car, resulting in four fatalities.

The remaining two individuals, including the driver, sustained serious injuries and are currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

The Milwaukee Police have taken the 32-year-old driver of the car that crashed into the vehicle with six occupants into custody.

Pending review by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, charges against the driver are being considered.

The identities of the victims have not been disclosed by the authorities at this time.

Further details regarding the individuals involved and the exact circumstances leading to the collision are still under investigation.

The aftermath of the crash led to the closure of 60th and Fond Du Lac, causing significant disruption in the area.

However, the roadway has since been reopened.

The families affected by this devastating incident are undoubtedly experiencing profound grief and sorrow as they come to terms with the loss of their loved ones.

The extent of the debris scattered throughout the intersection serves as a poignant reminder of the violence and devastation caused by this tragic car accident.

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