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Eight people were tragically killed and nine others were injured on Sunday when a car plowed into a group of people waiting at a bus stop near a migrant shelter in Brownsville, Texas.

The shocking incident, captured on surveillance video, occurred close to the Mexican border.

Due to the graphic nature of the footage, it has been paused before impact and will not be shown.

Authorities have revealed that some of the victims are migrants, adding another layer of tragedy to the incident.

The driver responsible for the deadly crash has been taken into custody and is currently being held at the city jail.

Investigators are now working to determine whether the incident was intentional or accidental.

In addition to local authorities, the FBI has also become involved in the investigation.

They are looking into the possibility that the Texas crash, along with other recent shooting incidents, may be linked to acts of domestic violent extremism.

The details surrounding these shooting incidents were not provided in the available information.

This devastating event has once again highlighted the vulnerability and dangers faced by migrants seeking shelter and safety near the border.

The community is now mourning the loss of eight lives and hoping for the swift recovery of the injured victims.

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