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In a tragic incident, three individuals lost their lives in a high-speed crash in Antioch.

According to the local police, two men and one woman were involved in the fatal accident when their speeding car collided with another vehicle before ultimately crashing into a tree.

Authorities from the Antioch Police Department are currently investigating this devastating crash, which occurred on Lone Tree Way.

Upon their arrival at the scene, officers discovered a vehicle that had collided with a tree in close proximity to the Arco gas station.

Tragically, all three occupants of the vehicle sustained severe injuries and succumbed to them later.

The police report indicates that the car was traveling eastbound at an excessive speed, leading to a loss of control.

Subsequently, it collided with another vehicle before ultimately crashing into the tree.

Fortunately, the individuals in the second vehicle escaped unharmed.

The Antioch Police Department is continuing its inquiry into the incident to determine the precise cause of the crash and any contributing factors.

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