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Another Tragic Incident in Texas as Eighth Person Dies in Crash Targeting Asylum Seekers

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS – In a devastating turn of events, an eighth individual has succumbed to their injuries after a driver intentionally ran over a group of asylum seekers waiting at a bus stop near a shelter.

The incident, which occurred in Brownsville, Texas, has left nine others injured and sparked a thorough investigation by local authorities.

Disturbing footage captured moments before the crash shows approximately 20 people gathered at the bus stop.

For the sake of sensitivity, the graphic portions of the video have been withheld, freezing the frame just prior to a Range Rover mounting the curb and plowing through the helpless individuals.

Some of the victims had been staying at a nearby homeless shelter, situated just across the street from the bus stop.

The shelter has been providing accommodation for asylum seekers in the city of Brownsville, which has become a focal point for migration along the U.S./Mexico border.

As pandemic-era migrants at the bus stop were preparing to depart for other cities, tragedy struck.

According to an asylum seeker from Venezuela who witnessed the incident, the driver accelerated towards the group of migrants, yelling profanities as he mowed them down.

The driver’s identity remains undisclosed, but Brownsville police describe him as a Hispanic man and a resident of the city.

Authorities are still investigating whether the crash was a deliberate act.

Eyewitnesses recall that the driver ran a red light and veered over the curb just moments before the collision.

After the crash, the driver was apprehended by individuals at the scene, and he was subsequently transported to the hospital for medical attention.

Brownsville, already an epicenter of migration, is bracing for further influx as migrants at the bus stop had made arrangements to settle in other cities.

Their flights and bus tickets were prepared, and they were eagerly anticipating the next leg of their journey when tragedy struck.

The shocking incident has reignited concerns about the safety and well-being of asylum seekers and migrants crossing the border.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities in Brownsville are working diligently to determine the driver’s motives and gather additional information surrounding the incident.

The community, along with the rest of the nation, mourns the loss of innocent lives and prays for the swift recovery of those injured in this senseless act of violence.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the challenges faced by asylum seekers and the importance of addressing immigration issues with compassion and humanity.

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