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Seven people have tragically lost their lives and another 10 have been injured after a devastating incident at a bus stop in Brownsville, Texas.

The incident occurred earlier today near a homeless shelter that provides accommodation for migrants.

Brownsville is located approximately an hour southeast of McAllen, a town situated on the Texas border.

Video footage captured moments before the incident sheds light on the events leading up to the tragedy.

In the footage, a Gray SUV can be seen disregarding a traffic light.

The video pauses just before the driver veers onto the curb and plows into the crowded bus stop.

Law enforcement swiftly took the driver into custody, and they are currently conducting an investigation to determine whether the crash was intentional.

The authorities are working to uncover any potential motives or factors that may have contributed to this horrific event.

The incident has left the community in shock and mourning as they come to terms with the loss of seven lives and the injuries sustained by others.

As the investigation unfolds, the focus remains on understanding the circumstances surrounding this devastating incident and providing support to the victims and their families.

Updates will be provided as more information becomes available, shedding light on the cause of this tragic event and its impact on the affected community.

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