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Tragedy struck in Tempe when a shooting broke out between two vehicles, resulting in the death of a five-year-old child and sending two other children to the hospital.

The incident occurred just before midnight on March 17 near 52nd Street and Broadway.

The suspect vehicle pulled up to the victim’s car carrying an adult and six children and began shooting, striking several victims.

Three children were sent to the hospital, and unfortunately, the five-year-old child died, while two others are battling serious injuries.

Police have no idea why the suspect or suspects shot at the car and currently have no description of them.

The incident has left the community heartbroken, with people staying in nearby hotels shocked and sickened by the violence.

Officers are begging for information, and anyone with knowledge of the crime is urged to reach out to the Tempe Police.

Despite the tragic loss of life, the two children in the hospital are now in stable condition, offering some good news in an otherwise devastating situation.

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