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Parndo: The Traditional Kaurna Game Making Its Way into Australian Schools

Parndo, a traditional game played by the Kaurna people, is making its way into Australian schools, including St.

Peter’s College in Adelaide.

The game involves a ball made from possum skin and is played with the objective of maintaining possession for your team.

The game is simple and allows for freedom and creativity, with very few rules other than getting the ball and no tackling.

This simplicity has proven to be popular with students of all skill levels, providing an opportunity for teamwork and social interaction.

Matthew, a teacher at St.

Peter’s College, explains that the game has been well-received by students, who enjoy learning about Aboriginal perspectives and ways of knowing.

The game also provides an opportunity for deconstructing and reconstructing the game, allowing for new ideas and rules to be introduced.

As a result, the game is highly customizable, with the potential for a competitive side to be added, making it suitable for school against school matches.

Matthew encourages more schools to get involved in bringing Aboriginal games into their PE curriculum.

Students also appreciate the opportunity to hang out with friends, get some exercise, and interact with new people while playing Parndo.

Overall, Parndo is proving to be a successful addition to the school curriculum, allowing students to connect with and learn about the culture and traditions of the Kaurna people.

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