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Toyota HILUX 2024 and TACOMA 2024 will share Platform and Design

A few weeks ago, the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property leaked information from the registration of the new Toyota Tacoma, a next-generation model that will share several elements with the Hilux 2024, such as the platform and exterior design.

Yes, the exterior designers working for their own account used these patents to create a series of digital performances for Toyota Hilux 2024 and Tacoma, as they will be the same thing on the outside and give us another clear idea of what the new model will look like in digital images created by the Russian medium Colisa.

We can confirm that the new generation of pickup truck is very similar to the Toyota Bico concept TV in terms of the Japanese brand’s relationship between the feeling of capture and display, primarily on the front and sides of the grille, the headlight design, the ventilation openings and the fender flares.

Similar designs can be seen on the sides, with the plastic bumpers and design lines on the doors looking much like those borrowed from the full-size Toyota pickup truck, the Tundra.

There are no pictures of the rear of the truck, and rumors suggest that the designers have borrowed design elements from the Tundra and Hilux.

The Tacoma and Hilux’s new shared platform will allow them to be electrified using hybrid and electric power, and the Tacoma in the United States is expected to come with a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine with 268 horsepower that can only be offered as a novel champion of the hybrid transmission group.

I am also developing the common platform, which means that both will have cars with common features in suspension engineering, comfort and safety electrical equipment, multimedia elements, and advertising.

This will allow for an extension of increased production efficiency and improved driving experience.

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