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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

CC may contain inaccuracies] It is unfortunate that we are meeting during a time of global crisis, particularly in the Middle East, where I am from. We are deeply troubled by the suffering at a human level and the losses of life on October seven. However, amidst these crises, including the one in Europe and several other hotspots around the world, we remain hopeful for a better future. In Saudi Arabia, our focus lies on our long-term goals of prosperity and setting an example for the Middle East and the surrounding areas.

Our main objective is the betterment of people, as we believe there are better alternatives to ideological tension and conflict. As neighbors, we understand the importance of the China-US relationship.

I agree with you, Stephanie, that pragmatism is emerging in this relationship. Today, we heard the Vice President calling for collaboration and coexistence between the two economic and geopolitical superpowers, with the aim of transitioning the region into a prosperous one. This reminds us of the ongoing struggles in the Middle East, particularly for the Palestinian people who have been denied their basic rights and the right to a peaceful existence and statehood since the 1940s. Now is the time to address this dire situation and work towards a resolution.

Saudi Arabia has long advocated for the Arab peace plan and remains eager to see it come to fruition through peaceful means. In the coming days, Saudi Arabia will be convening an emergency Arab summit in Riyadh, followed by an Africa-Saudi summit and an Islamic summit. The objective of these gatherings, under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, is to promote a peaceful resolution to the conflict..

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