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In a surprising turn of events, Kyle Dubas, the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has stepped down, leading to speculation about the future of the team’s star players.

On “The Jeff Marek Show,” Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman delve into the potential consequences of Dubas’ departure.

One of the key questions raised is who will take over as the new General Manager.

With no shortage of candidates to choose from, the decision holds significant importance for the team’s direction.

Additionally, the focus shifts to Auston Matthews and his contract negotiation.

Matthews, represented by Judd Moldaver, plays a crucial role in the team’s salary cap and roster puzzle.

The uncertainty surrounding Dubas’ exit raises concerns about the impact on Matthews’ contract talks.

Elliotte Friedman emphasizes that Matthews’ decision to sign or not will set the stage for subsequent decisions and actions within the organization.

The outcome of Matthews’ negotiation becomes the number one priority for the Leafs in the upcoming off-season.

While Dubas was previously expected to stay, his departure now necessitates introducing Matthews to a new general manager and outlining the team’s plan.

The question arises: How will this affect Matthews’ perspective on the situation?

Furthermore, Marek and Friedman discuss the coaching situation, wondering what the team will do in that regard.

With the general manager position open, the Leafs face the task of not only finding a suitable replacement but also addressing the coaching scenario.

The urgency to fill the general manager position is apparent, as other teams in the league, such as the Calgary Flames and the Pittsburgh Penguins, are also searching for new managers.

The upcoming draft adds further pressure for the Leafs to act swiftly and ensure a seamless transition.

After finally overcoming a significant hurdle, the team cannot afford to slow down or delay progress.

The Maple Leafs’ immediate focus will be on expediting the hiring process for a new general manager.

Time is of the essence, and they cannot afford to pause or encounter obstacles on their path forward.

The team aims to maintain the momentum they have gained and continue their pursuit of success on and off the ice.

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