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Tornado Destroys Sporting Goods Store in Montebello

A tornado swept through Montebello, causing significant damage to several buildings, including a popular sporting goods store.

FOX 11’s Christina Gonzalez was on the scene as the soccer shop was destroyed by the twister.

Eyewitnesses captured the tornado on their cell phones as it ripped off the roof of a building and sent debris flying through the air.

Although the conditions are still unstable, authorities do not expect any more tornadoes to hit the area today.

As of now, at least 11 buildings have been red-tagged due to the damage, but officials fear that number may rise as they continue to assess the area.

One person was injured in the storm, but the injuries were reported to be minor.

The power is still out in some areas, and the high school may not be able to open tomorrow if electricity is not restored.

Police and public works departments are working together to evaluate the damage and determine which structures need to be red-tagged.

Eyewitnesses expressed shock and disbelief at the power of the tornado, and many are grateful that more people were not hurt.

The damage to the sporting goods store is extensive, and it is unclear if the business will be able to reopen.

The community is still reeling from the unexpected tornado, but officials are working tirelessly to ensure that everyone is safe and that damage is minimized.

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