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Title: Jury Deliberates in Case of Teen Accused of Assaulting 87-Year-Old Woman

The jury is currently engaged in deliberations in the challenging trial of Khalil Perry, a 15-year-old who is being tried as an adult.

Perry stands accused of the armed carjacking and sexual assault of an elderly woman, 87, which took place in November 2021.

During the trial, Perry admitted to some of the crimes he was charged with but pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault allegations.

Prosecutors presented evidence including surveillance video and items found in Perry’s possession during his arrest, emphasizing the gravity of the offense committed against an elderly woman dropping off books at the Waukesha Library parking lot.

The prosecution concluded their arguments by highlighting the victim’s own words to describe the forcible sexual assault that took place in the front seat of her car.

While sparing the details to avoid distressing the courtroom, they stressed that her account was candid and devoid of any motive to fabricate.

In contrast, Perry’s defense attorney suggested that the woman had embellished the events and fabricated the sexual assault.

They questioned how such an assault could have occurred without leaving any physical injuries on the frail skin of an 87-year-old.

The defense rested their case without calling any witnesses, including a DNA expert.

As the jury continues its deliberations, it remains uncertain how late they will deliberate.

The judge has not specified a time limit for their discussions.

The outcome of this trial will determine whether Khalil Perry is found guilty or not guilty of the crimes he is charged with.

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