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As Title 42, the pandemic-era asylum restriction, came to an end, migrants in northern Mexico are facing uncertainties regarding a new online system for asylum appointments in the United States.

Despite the expiration of Title 42, migrants attempting to cross the border are met with barbed wire and border patrol agents, preventing them from progressing further.

Under the new regulations, migrants must schedule an appointment at a point of entry using a Border Patrol app.

Non-Mexican migrants are required to apply for and be denied asylum in another country before seeking asylum in the U.S.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in deportation.

Currently, there are nearly 30,000 migrants in U.S.

Border Patrol custody, leading to overcrowding in some facilities.

One of the contributing factors to the situation is the spread of misinformation by smugglers on social media, offering services to migrants with false promises of easy entry.

The Homeland Security Secretary acknowledges the strain on personnel and facilities due to the influx of migrants but expresses confidence in managing the situation.

Breaking overnight, a new legal battle has emerged concerning migrant families.

The Biden administration’s policy now requires Border Patrol to issue a formal notice to appear in court before releasing migrants, which is expected to exacerbate overcrowding issues.

Title 42, in place since March 2020, allowed for the quick removal of asylum-seekers citing COVID concerns.

The new rules aim to establish new legal pathways for entering the U.S., but there is a risk that migrants who fail to follow the new regulations could be barred from entry.

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