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With Memorial Day weekend approaching and the summer season upon us, airlines are gearing up for a busy travel period.

However, this summer is different, as there are no vaccine requirements for travel, leading to a surge in demand.

Despite the high demand, airlines, especially international carriers, are not operating at full capacity, resulting in a low supply of available seats.

As a consequence, prices have soared.

International airfare prices have reached their highest point in five years, making it difficult to save money for international travel.

Round-trip flights from New York City to popular European destinations like Paris, Venice, and Rome are averaging around $1,030, a 40% increase compared to 2022 prices.

On the other hand, domestic airfare prices have dropped by 20% compared to last summer, offering some relief for travelers.

While still not at pre-pandemic levels, round-trip domestic flights can be found for approximately $275.

To make your summer travel more affordable, it is advisable to book as soon as possible.

If you plan to travel in August, it’s recommended to book your flights and accommodations by Memorial Day.

Booking midweek flights, departing on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and avoiding Saturday stays can also help lower costs.

Another cost-saving strategy is to consider traveling during the shoulder season, such as September, when there are fewer crowds and significant savings can be found.

Although it may be challenging for families with children in school, taking advantage of the shoulder season can lead to substantial savings.

Hotels, particularly in popular destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, and various locations in Florida and California, have experienced a significant increase in prices.

Domestic hotel prices have gone up by 50%, with one night’s stay seeing an 11% increase from last year.

Therefore, it’s recommended to explore alternative accommodation options or rely on friends or family for housing.

When it comes to transportation, rental cars are currently affordable compared to the high prices seen during the pandemic.

This makes it an excellent opportunity for a great American road trip, allowing travelers to explore different destinations and enjoy the flexibility of having their own vehicle.

In conclusion, while international travel costs have risen significantly, domestic travel offers some relief in terms of lower airfare.

Booking early, considering midweek departures, and opting for the shoulder season can help make your summer travel more affordable.

Additionally, exploring alternative accommodation options and taking advantage of rental car affordability can contribute to a cheaper and more enjoyable vacation experience.

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