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Thieves Steal Over $3,000 Worth of Outdoor Equipment from Milwaukee Woman’s Garage
Milwaukee Police are on the lookout for two men who stole thousands of dollars worth of outdoor equipment from a woman’s garage on April 11.

The victim, Jaden Blumden, who lives on South 38th Street in Milwaukee, said the thieves stole her priceless fishing poles that were passed down to her by her paralyzed grandfather.
The burglary took place while Blumden was sleeping, and the thieves were able to maneuver everything out of the small garage without making any noise.

However, they were caught on camera by a neighbor’s Ring camera, which helped the police identify the suspects.
According to the footage, one man was wearing black and a red hat and was dragging a lawnmower in a toolbox, while the other was wearing a blue jacket and carrying a leaf blower.

Milwaukee Police are warning residents to take measures to protect their property, such as installing cameras and marking their equipment with their driver’s license.
Despite a drop in burglaries compared to last year, police say they are still taking these incidents seriously and are urging residents to be vigilant.

Meanwhile, Blumden is hoping that the police will be able to catch the thieves and retrieve her stolen equipment.

She plans to install cameras outside her garage and hopes that fingerprints from the scene will help bring her justice.

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