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Theresa Balboa Sentenced to 52 Years in Killing of 5-Year-Old Samuel Olson

In a plea hearing that concluded just hours ago, Theresa Balboa has been sentenced to 52 years in prison for the murder of five-year-old Samuel Olson.

This case has garnered significant attention since 2021 when Samuel initially went missing, only for his body to be discovered later in a motel.

Balboa’s guilty plea has left Samuel’s mother devastated, as she expressed her disappointment that her son’s killer would not face trial.

During the emotional victim impact statements at the criminal courthouse, Samuel’s family shared their heartbreak and pain.

Speaking about Samuel, his grandmother, who affectionately called him Sammy, described him as having an infectious smile.

Addressing Balboa directly, she referred to her as a “monster” whose actions carry consequences.

Samuel’s mother, wearing a shirt with his picture, expressed her belief that Balboa’s charge should not have been reduced from capital murder to murder, feeling robbed of witnessing her son grow up.

The court documents revealed chilling details of the crime.

Balboa, along with a roommate, allegedly beat Samuel and kept his body in a bathtub for several days before disposing of it in a storage bin.

Two other suspects involved in the case have also been charged, and their legal proceedings will be closely monitored.

Samuel’s father, who was dating Balboa at the time of the killing, was visibly distraught during the court hearing.

Overwhelmed by the proceedings, he left the courtroom upset.

The possibility of Balboa’s parole in 26 years was met with outrage by Samuel’s mother, who expressed that she believed Balboa should spend life in prison without any chance of release.

The sentencing of Theresa Balboa to 52 years in prison provides a degree of closure for Samuel Olson’s family, although they continue to mourn the loss of their beloved son.

This tragic case serves as a somber reminder of the consequences of heinous crimes committed against innocent children.

As further developments unfold, updates will be provided on and during our upcoming newscasts.

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