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The Wall That Heals, a 3/4th scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is on display at Madonna Meadows in San Luis Obispo until Sunday.

Visitors can view the wall until 2 pm tomorrow, followed by a closing ceremony at 1:30 pm.

Almost 200 Central Coast veterans’ names are inscribed on the wall, and a walkway was installed due to the muddy conditions.

Despite this, the turnout has been huge this year.

Volunteers are available to help people find names on the wall and answer questions about the Vietnam War.

The Wall That Heals also features a mobile education center with various displays about the history of the war.

Until the closing ceremony, the wall will be open and on display 24/7.

Many visitors come to pay their respects and honor those who served, not just to search for a name on the wall.

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