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Nationally syndicated radio host Dana Loesch criticized the involvement of a high-profile PR firm in the Marine chokehold trial, stating that it reflects the political manipulation of Jordan Neely’s death.

During an appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Loesch questioned the sudden attention given to Neely, who had a criminal record with 44 prior offenses and was known to be homeless and hungry.

Loesch expressed her confusion at the presence of people who claimed to honor Neely’s memory but failed to support him when he needed help the most.

Loesch further highlighted the role of policies and prosecutors like Alvin Bragg in perpetuating recidivism and contributing to the rot in the justice system.

She pointed out that Neely’s potential danger was previously documented on a Reddit thread, yet no action was taken until he threatened the lives of passengers, prompting Daniel Penny and others to intervene.

The radio host raised important questions about the lack of attention and support from the PR firm and the public for the victims of Neely’s previous crimes, including a 66-year-old woman who thanked Daniel Penny for his actions.

Loesch criticized the firm’s selective involvement, suggesting that they only show up when there is a chance to exploit racial tensions and profit from it, rather than genuinely caring about victims.

Loesch also condemned Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for granting Neely a lenient deal that allowed him to avoid prison after severely injuring a woman.

She highlighted the flawed decision to send him to rehab instead, from which he checked out after just one day.

This incident, along with other instances of leniency by prosecutors like Kim Gardner, backed by influential figures such as George Soros, has raised concerns about the unequal treatment of cases, where individuals defending themselves face charges while others committing violent acts escape prosecution.

The case involving Daniel Penny serves as a stark example of the justice system’s failure to prioritize public safety and protect victims.

Loesch emphasized the need for accountability and urged action against policies that contribute to such dangerous situations, highlighting the importance of supporting those who stand up in the face of danger.

The discussion on the show sparked donations and widespread attention to these issues.

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