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Texas Officials Brace for Expected Record Border Crossings as Title 42 Set to End Thursday

Texas officials are preparing for a surge in border crossings as the coveted border policy known as Title 42 is set to come to an end on Thursday.

Border Patrol has already reported a record number of apprehensions, and these numbers are expected to climb even higher beginning tomorrow.

Title 42, which has been in effect to deter crossings, will officially be terminated at 11:59 PM tomorrow.

The increasing number of migrants attempting to enter the United States is causing concerns for border cities across from Mexico, as observed from the view across the Rio Grande in Brownsville.

Customs and Border Patrol sources have stated that the agency apprehended over 10,000 people crossing illegally on Monday, with record-high numbers continuing on Tuesday.

In response to the escalating situation, Texas has deployed National Guard soldiers as a quick reaction force.

Specially trained military police soldiers equipped to handle such scenarios have been stationed in the Brownsville area to maintain order.

Furthermore, Texas troopers and soldiers were seen physically blocking migrants from entering the US at the river’s edge, marking the first time such actions have been taken.

The Biden administration has released new rules aimed at deterring illegal crossings, although it does not impose a total ban.

These measures make it difficult for individuals to receive asylum unless they have first applied online or applied in a country they passed through before crossing illegally.

The administration emphasizes its commitment to developing lawful pathways for people to enter the United States while imposing stricter consequences on those who choose not to use them.

Individuals removed under Title 42 now face at least a five-year bar on re-entry into the country and can face criminal prosecution if they attempt to cross again.

However, the deterrence measures do not seem to have an incentive effect on the current situation.

Migrants who have been vetted will now be released without a court date or a reliable method to track them.

Border Patrol facilities in the Rio Grande Valley are already operating at 140% capacity, highlighting the overwhelming strain on Border Patrol agents and law enforcement personnel along the southern border.

Human rights groups have expressed their intention to sue the Biden administration, pointing out that a federal appeals court blocked the Trump administration from implementing even stricter policies in 2019.

The situation at the border remains a significant challenge, and officials are urgently calling for assistance to address the overwhelming influx of migrants.

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