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In Texas, a group of LGBTQ advocates protested against several bills being considered in the Senate state committee that would prohibit children from receiving gender affirming care.

The proposed legislation, such as S-14, would prevent procedures or treatments used for gender transitioning, including pubertal inhibitors, hormone therapy, and surgical interventions.

Parents like Linzy Foster fear that their transgender children will be harmed if these bills are passed, with Foster saying, “She will be impacted, she will be harmed.

Her normal childhood will evaporate.” However, the bill’s author argues that someone needs to take care of individuals if they choose to detransition, asking, “who’s there for their detransitioning? Nobody.”

At least eight other states have already passed laws that ban gender affirming care for children, and dozens of others are currently considering similar legislation.

The protests in Texas reflect a growing concern among LGBTQ advocates about the impact of such laws on the well-being of transgender individuals, particularly young people.

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