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In the state of Texas, Democrats are causing delays in passing a bill that aims to outlaw surgeries that sterilize children, including castration, vasectomies, hysterectomies, and mastectomies.

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany recently spoke out on ‘Fox News Tonight’ about the need to protect children from transgender surgeries, sharing her own decision to undergo a mastectomy.

The media, particularly the Associated Press, has been accused of spinning the issue by describing the bill, known as SB 14, as an attack on the rights of transgender people.

However, McEnany emphasizes that the focus should be on the irreversible and life-changing nature of these operations for children.

The contrast is drawn with Washington state, where Democrats recently passed a law allowing doctors to perform these procedures without parental consent or even notification, if there are deemed to be “compelling reasons” not to involve parents.

This has sparked criticism, with some referring to it as “state-sanctioned kidnapping.”

McEnany cites a Washington Post poll that found a majority of Americans oppose the use of puberty-blocking hormones for children.

She stresses that even when a mastectomy is performed for life-saving purposes, it is a permanent and emotionally challenging decision.

McEnany shares her own experience of undergoing a mastectomy in 2018 due to a genetic mutation that increased her risk of breast cancer.

As a mother herself, McEnany expresses her hope that her daughter will not have to face such a difficult decision in the future.

She argues that the choice to undergo a mastectomy should not be made by an innocent child under the control of the state government.

McEnany criticizes Democrats for enabling a situation where children may lose a part of themselves without proper consent or consideration.

The article mentions an ongoing investigation by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton into Dell’s Children Medical Center, a major children’s hospital, for allegedly performing these procedures illegally.

The investigation was prompted by a social worker at the hospital who was recorded discussing transitioning children as young as eight years old.

Dell’s Children has denied these allegations, stating that the hospital prohibits surgery and hormone therapy of this nature.

In conclusion, Kayleigh McEnany’s remarks on ‘Fox News Tonight’ shed light on the contentious issue of transgender surgeries for children, the debate surrounding parental consent, and the emotional and irreversible nature of these procedures.

The article highlights the contrasting approaches taken by Texas and Washington state, and the ongoing investigation into Dell’s Children Medical Center.

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