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Texas Border Updates: Bus with Migrants Arriving in Houston After Title 42 Expires

As the Title 42 policy, implemented during the pandemic era, officially ended, border states are preparing for a potential surge in migrants.

Just hours after the expiration, a bus carrying individuals who recently crossed the border is expected to arrive in Houston, Texas.

These migrants have undergone processing by the Border Patrol and are allowed to remain in the United States until their immigration court date.

Currently, at the Saragosa Bridge, which connects Juarez to El Paso, the situation appears relatively calm.

Despite some city officials comparing the situation to a hurricane, cities like El Paso have already declared a state of emergency, enabling them to seek additional resources from the federal government to support the transportation and housing of new arrivals.

Both border cities are already facing similar circumstances, with migrants lining up for buses or seeking shelter.

Some are left with no option but to sleep in tents or on the ground while they wait for assistance.

The city of Houston is particularly affected, with a bus from El Paso scheduled to arrive within the next hour.

Once processed at the Houston Transfer Center, these individuals will head to Bush Airport to catch flights to their final destinations, with New York, Chicago, and Houston being the top choices.

Flying to Houston is more cost-effective for migrants compared to departing from El Paso, allowing them to save money on travel expenses.

Nonprofit organizations such as Catholic Charities, which offer assistance, are bracing for a significant increase in the number of migrants seeking help in Houston.

Catholic Charities anticipates serving over 250 individuals per week.

However, the city of Houston, while expressing a desire to provide support, is facing resource constraints.

Officials are awaiting information on the funding they can receive from the federal government to address the situation.

The impact of the Title 42 expiration and the subsequent influx of migrants is being closely monitored.

News coverage will continue throughout the day, with live updates from El Paso.

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