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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has raised concerns about transgender surgeries for children, labeling them as child abuse.

In an interview on ‘Fox News Tonight,’ Paxton explained that his office is investigating whether these surgeries, including puberty blockers, are being performed in violation of state law.

The attorney general emphasized that the investigation is aimed at understanding the policies and experiences of medical facilities regarding these procedures.

While Texas state law does not prohibit gender-affirming care for minors, Paxton argued that making irreversible decisions about a child’s reproductive life through chemical or surgical means could be considered child abuse under existing laws.

He cited research suggesting that a significant percentage of gender-related issues in children resolve by puberty, raising questions about the necessity and implications of such procedures.

Paxton also expressed concern over how the media tends to frame the issue, emphasizing the importance of recognizing that these surgeries involve children who may lack the maturity to make such life-altering decisions.

The attorney general’s office has requested responses from medical facilities by May 30th to gather further information for their investigation.

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