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BREAKING: Officers Involved in Shootout with Murder Suspect in Globe Area

A tense standoff is currently underway in the Globe area following a violent shootout between law enforcement officers and a murder suspect.

The suspect, wanted in connection with a murder case in Mesa, has barricaded himself inside a home where shots have reportedly been fired.

The Helix County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning, urging residents to stay away from the area near Golden Hill and Russell Road.

Globe, located approximately an hour and a half outside of Phoenix, has become the center of attention as authorities work to resolve the situation.

The suspect, identified as Zain Proctor, who was already arrested for his involvement in another crime, allegedly broke into a business where the victim was living two months ago during a struggle.

Tragically, the victim was shot and killed during the altercation.

Proctor, now considered a barricaded suspect, reportedly stole several items from the business before fleeing.

A news crew is en route to the scene to provide updates on the ongoing situation.

Law enforcement agencies are currently strategizing their next steps to ensure the safety of both the officers involved and the surrounding community.

More details are expected to emerge as the situation unfolds.

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