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Temperatures Soar as Summer Approaches

Phoenix, AZ – As summer approaches, temperatures in the area are soaring, with triple-digit highs expected to continue through Wednesday.

The latest weather update from AZFAMILY First Alert Weather at 5 pm on May 13, 2023, indicates that the heat will persist, although a slight cooling trend is expected in the coming days.

The scorching weather has prompted residents to find ways to stay cool, especially with Mother’s Day celebrations taking place outdoors.

Many are flocking to different locations in the valley, hoping to beat the heat.

However, relief from the high temperatures may not come soon enough, as the mercury is still hovering in the upper 90s this afternoon.

Weather forecasters warn that reaching triple-digit readings is likely either today or tomorrow.

If it happens, it will mark the second time this year that temperatures have hit such highs.

The current heatwave has kept the region on alert, urging people to take necessary precautions and stay hydrated.

The First Alert Radar shows scattered activity in the high country, while the valley remains relatively dry.

Some showers carrying heavier rain can be seen in the northern parts of the area, particularly over the reservation.

These showers are represented by small cells with orange colors on the radar.

The biggest threat associated with the storms at this point is gusty conditions.

Although the valley has yet to experience significant rainfall, the possibility of sudden gusts should be considered while planning outdoor activities.

As summer rapidly approaches, residents and visitors in Phoenix are advised to stay updated on the weather conditions and take necessary measures to beat the heat.

With the temperatures nearing triple digits, it is crucial to find ways to stay cool and ensure personal well-being during this hot period.

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