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Temperatures are expected to increase this week, but there is still a chance of rain and snow showers.

Flooding is a concern in areas like the Mississippi River from Saint Paul downward, the Minnesota River in southern Minnesota, and Aiken in the north, as snow starts to melt in April and May.

Despite clear skies tonight, temperatures will still be in single digits above and below 0 for nearly everybody tomorrow morning.

However, temperatures will gradually warm up over the next few days.

Wind chills will remain sub-zero, so make sure to layer up before heading out.

Tomorrow, temperatures are expected to reach the mid-30s in the metro area and up to the 40s in western Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota.

Spring officially arrives on Monday, but temperatures are not expected to reach the typical mark of 43 until later in the week.

There is a possibility of a wintery mix and snow showers in the northern half of the state on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A chance of showers is expected on Thursday and Friday, with beautiful weather forecasted for Saturday.

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