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Family and friends gathered to remember Mateo Vallejo, a 16-year-old boy whose life was tragically cut short in Vacaville on Thursday.

The incident occurred near an apartment complex on Meadows Drive, where gunfire erupted.

This incident is one of four teen shootings that have taken place in various communities over the course of three days.

During the memorial for Mateo, his family expressed their desire for justice and change.

They are pleading for an arrest to be made in his case and for his death not to be in vain.

The family wants to see tangible actions taken to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Mateo’s loved ones describe him as a caring and good-natured individual, fondly remembering his hugs and smile.

They now shift their focus towards inspiring change and questioning why these shootings continue to occur.

They emphasize that guns play a significant role in these incidents and express frustration over the lack of preventive measures.

Out of the four shootings, at least two involved teenage perpetrators.

The community is left wondering when these acts of violence will cease and who should be held accountable for them.

Jason Lee, a Hollywood blogger and Stockton native, plans to launch new youth programming in his hometown and expand it nationwide.

Lee believes that investing in the lives of at-risk kids will make a difference and has strong words for city leaders who fail to actively work towards finding a solution.

In the face of another young life lost and another family in mourning, the urgent need to remove guns from the hands of teenagers is stressed.

The community seeks an end to the violence perpetuated by youth and urges the prevention of such unnecessary acts of aggression.

The article also explores the potential impact of afterschool programs for teens.

Data suggests that these programs can be beneficial as they provide productive activities during the peak hours when kids are most vulnerable to violence, typically between 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

One of the victims from this week’s incidents was shot immediately after school, highlighting the significance of addressing the issue during these hours.

As the community mourns these tragic events, the question remains: when will this cycle of violence come to an end?

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