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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Joseph Herring appeared in court today, facing accusations of stealing a substantial amount of money from the City of Memphis Employees Credit Union on Winchester. The incident began in August when a vault containing $72,000 in twenty-dollar bills mysteriously disappeared. The credit union manager promptly alerted the police.

Witnesses claim that Herring visited the credit union multiple times during the week that the money went missing. He worked as an IT technician for the credit union, as noted in the affidavit.

A security camera audit revealed that Herring had deleted video footage from the time of the theft. The MPD also discovered that Herring had made several cash deposits through ATMs and used cash to purchase his desired vehicle, a 2024 S Cyst Evolve. The attorney for Herring, who is currently imprisoned with a $45,000 bond, has presented a defense claiming that his client acquired the funds legitimately from winnings at Southland Casino. However, the casino’s records only indicate that Herring won $26,000, far less than the amount involved in the case.

The attorney’s argument is rather perplexing, as the incident at the credit union happened prior to his supposed casino winnings. It raises doubts about whether Herring is a trustworthy individual..

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