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Teaming Up Against Cancer Raises Money for Local Cancer Treatment

The annual event, formerly known as Camp Out Against Cancer, returned to Streamler Park today to raise money for the Kern County Cancer Foundation.

Families, businesses, and service organizations came together to share fun and companionship, all while benefiting local cancer patients.

Over 20 teams of 10 competed in various games and low-skill activities, including Bigfoot, giant Connect 4, and obstacle course relays.

All teams donated to provide for local cancer patients, with the money going towards chemotherapy and radiation treatments, insurance, and transportation for Kern County patients who must travel to other facilities for treatment.

The transportation program is especially vital for children who must travel to Madera or LA for treatment not available in Kern County.

The funds raised at Teaming Up Against Cancer will provide gas cards and shuttle services for these patients.

To learn more about the cause or to donate, please visit the Kern County Cancer Foundation website at

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