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Tampa Police Seek Thieves Who Targeted Publix Shoppers

Tampa Police are on the lookout for three suspects, a male and two females, who are linked to three different theft cases at local grocery stores, specifically at Publix.

The suspects are accused of stealing from shoppers, particularly elderly victims, and then using the stolen cards at nearby stores.

The incidents occurred at a Publix store located on West Kennedy and Dale Mabry in Tampa.

Police have released video footage and photos of the suspects and are asking anyone who recognizes them to come forward with information.

The thefts have left shoppers on edge and more vigilant about their surroundings.

One victim described how a man reached into her cart and stole her wallet while she was grabbing an item off the shelf.

Police are urging shoppers to be aware of their surroundings and keep their valuables close by.

They also emphasized that this is not an isolated incident and that everyone needs to be alert to the possibility of crime of opportunity, not just while at the grocery store.

Despite the unsettling news, many shoppers remain optimistic that things will get better.

They believe that by being more cautious and looking out for each other, they can prevent incidents like these from happening again.

Tampa Police also want to assure the public that they are doing everything they can to catch the suspects and bring them to justice.

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