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Sweet Auburn small businesses are set to receive a significant boost in the form of new federal funding, thanks to Senator Jon Ossoff.

The senator recently announced that $500,000 has been allocated by Congress to Sweet Auburn Works, an organization dedicated to supporting businesses in the historic Auburn Avenue area.

Senator Ossoff emphasized the importance of small businesses as the backbone of the state’s economy, and he recognized the extraordinary potential within the Sweet Auburn district.

During his visit to Auburn Avenue, the senator revealed that the federal funding would contribute to the preservation, revitalization, and promotion of the commercial and cultural legacy of the Sweet Auburn Historic District.

Business owners in the district expressed their excitement about the funding and the opportunities it would create.

Shanice Thomason, owner of the We’ve Outlet located on Auburn Avenue, praised the investment, stating that it would assist business owners with technical resources, renovations, expansions, and marketing efforts.

The funding is expected to provide a better outlook for businesses in the area and increase foot traffic, particularly as they recover from the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Sweet Auburn is known as one of the nation’s most cherished historic corridors, housing notable landmarks such as Ebenezer Baptist Church and the King Center, as well as numerous black-owned businesses.

Senator Ossoff emphasized his commitment to ensuring the thriving future of Sweet Auburn, emphasizing that the small business owners and entrepreneurs rooted in the community deserved a seat at the table as the city continues to grow.

However, Senator Ossoff also noted that this funding should be part of a larger, long-term effort to ensure Sweet Auburn’s growth aligns with that of the rest of the city and the state.

The announcement of the federal funding brings renewed hope and optimism to the Sweet Auburn district, as local businesses prepare to utilize the resources to overcome challenges and contribute to the economic development of the area.

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