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Swedish Eurovision veterans support Loreen: “We will win the whole Eurovision”

As the Eurovision final approaches this Saturday, fans are eagerly predicting who will come out on top.

However, for some Swedish Eurovision veterans, the winner is already clear: Loreen.

In a recent interview, one veteran confidently declared, “I would bet on Loreen…she will win!” Another agreed, stating, “I definitely think it will be Loreen.

Her performance is incredibly stylish, and her song is great.”

Many are excited about the possibility of Loreen representing Sweden in the Eurovision competition again, with one veteran even suggesting, “It feels like we could win the whole Eurovision with her this year.

That would be amazing!”

Despite the strong competition this year, the veterans are standing behind Loreen and are looking forward to watching the final on Saturday.

Whether or not Loreen will come out on top remains to be seen, but for these fans, she’s already a winner.

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